There are only two things in the business you can guarantee:

1. All of your customers live somewhere.

2. All of your customers have a mailbox.

If you continually place the right offer in your customer's mailbox, you can make money - simple as that. Why do most of the big names in the business such as The Warehouse, farmers, and major supermarkets continually put their message in your letterbox? Because it works! Let us show you how it can work for you.

An important point that you might not be aware of is that information that is taken in through the eyes, i.e. what we see, is retained much more efficiently than what goes in through the ears, i.e. what we hear.

Why don't more small to medium businesses use letterbox marketing? Simple! There is no salesperson for letterbox marketing. It is only the big business that you know the value of the humble letterbox for increasing sales.


We believe in using Direct Response Marketing. It is so effective it allows you to track what doesn't work. That way you can spend your money on activities and areas that are profitable and throw out those that don't make you money.

At I-CUE we can help you to reach your target market through Direct Response Marketing with rack cards, brochures, flyers and leaflets. We can show you how to effectively use direct response offers, coupons, specials and discounts to retain your existing customers, attract new customers and ultimately increase your sales like you never thought possible! We can also show you how to use your customer database effectively.


I-CUE provide a really cost-effective and practical solution to delivering your flyers, leaflets, brouchers, newspapers, newletters, magazines, guides, charity bags, free samples etc throughout our wide distribution area.

From the outside, door to door leaflet distribution looks rather straightforward. In reality it is an extremely complex logistical operation that depends on high quality committed staff at every level of the operation. Click here for more information.


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